Surroundings to be discovered all year round A unique holiday

A unique holiday, to spend days at the beach or exploring thebeautiful surroundings of the rich territories of the Marche region. 
Suggestive paths between the history of the ancient palaces of Urbino, UNESCO heritage, which is a few km from Marotta, and then dance until late at night throughout the year, in the Riviera or in the Romagna region, in the "foolish" discos of Rimini or Riccione or having fun in an eccentric way in summer, during the summer Jamboree, an international event in Senigallia absorbed in the American atmosphere of the 40s and 50s, to the rhythm of events and shows not to be missed. 

And plenty of trails dedicated to nature, discovering the oldest and most unique flavors of the Italian territory, as theTruffle of Acqualagna, whose unique and special variety gives us the pleasure of this delicious food during all months of the year.

Surroundings to be discovered all year round and for all ages... the holiday you are looking for starts here! 


Just a few minutes from Marotta away

Fano is the town of the Luck for its legendary temple (the Fanum fortunae) which gives to the town the name. Fano is known for having also been August town thanks to the monumental honorary Arch (the August arch) and its walls.

Fano preserves still all the historical traces of the past dominations, bringing back a wonderful environment full of ancient palaces and fortresses. The medieval Fano of theRomanesque cathedral and the Palazzo del PodestàMagister Paulutius and again, the Fano of the Malatesta family with its majestic tombal Arches and the impressive quadrangle of the Malatestiana Court, now home to concerts and summer shows.

While strolling around the charming streets of the historic center you can admire the "Fountain of Fortune", which is right in front of the homonymous theater with the Luigi Poletti hall. A veritable maze of paths, which follow the ways of the ancient checkerboard cardi and decumani.

Fano is a city to be visited throughout the year, in summer and in winter to spend a beach holiday - along the 18 km of coastline - or to taste the typical fish dishes of Adriatic immersed in the green or get lost in its countryside.

Each year in Fano the most popular events at national level are held.

Music and Art events:
Lyric: "InCanto – the voices of Lyric"
Prose: An historic theatre in Neoclassical style, "Fano Theatre"

Hosts a prose season of first range in the national scene.
- Il Violino e la Selce
has become a traditional event for lovers of modern and contemporary music.

Culture and entertainment events:
Fano Film Festival
Fano Yacht club


15 minutes from Marotta away

Senigallia represents all you can ask to a town placed on the sea: history, small towns, castles, museums, as well as a lot of events and sure fun!

Bounded by the valleys of the Misa and Cesano rivers, the town of Senigallia is a must for those passing through or making holiday in the Marche region. Spend unforgettable moments of relax along the beaches, or visiting the ancient Benedictine monasteries, many of them still active.

Senigallia is the center of nightlife and special events on this part of the Adriatic coast, with its many bars and clubs that crowd the waterfront to the center, with its white nights during the summer evenings, or with its many festivals, such as the Summer Jumboree, an international event dedicated to the American style of the 40s where rampaging dancing to the sound of jazz music until sunrise in the early days of August.

The center of Senigallia is full of interesting historical routes , beginning from the Rocca Rovere, and the Palace of the Duke, the Baviera Palace and also the Portici Ercolani, who oppose the right bank of the Misa with a suggestive sequence of one hundred twenty-six arches in Istria stone...

Senigallia offers many local products and delicacies for the most greedy palates, from the senigalliese fish soup, to the mixed fried fish of the Adriatic and the grilled fish, and even the pizza with cheese. Besides being a seaside town, however, Senigallia has also diversified its countryside so rich of different crops, that offer a lot of local products and wines like the Verdicchio di Jesi and the Bianchello del Metauro... and the wine of cherries, a sweet beverage prepared with cherries macerated in sugar and red wine (usually Sangiovese).


Less than an hour car drive from Marotta

Urbino is one the most important and suggestive places of the Marche region, the town presents beautiful ancient history architectures, immersed in a really enchanted valley: as you reach Urbino, the town emerges with its towers, by now famous geometries of the Palazzo Ducale,the medieval castles, remembering the ancient flavor of the history that still wraps the town.

The rivers Metauro and Foglia draws the spaces between the valleys which wraps the suggestive place and then down to the colored beaches of the Adriatic coast, up to the "lidi" of the Romagna region.

The town is characterized by Art and medieval and renaissance Architecure and its an obligatory visit for the one who pass through these countries: to be visited, in addition to the Palazzo Ducale, the museum house of Raffaello, themuseum of the Holy Chiara.

Compared to most historical cities of the Italian territory, Urbino retains the essence of a city dated back to the renaissance of Duke Federico da Montefeltro, thus returning visitors a real journey through time.
The city's historic center was declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 1998 and since then continues to fascinate and amaze many who cross the cobbled streets that overlook the ancient streets and discover the many architectural and artistic treasures of Urbino, as "the Ideal city", one of the most famous paintings of Piero della Francesca.

Urbino city of young people, thanks to the historic university, city of art, history and flavors, thanks to the many typical dishes to be tasted, as the crescia (kind of pizza) or theCasciotta of Urbino, a DOP cheese.
The city is always full of events during all periods of the year, but thank to its extraordinary beauty it can be visited at any time to enjoy pleasant days immersed in history and beauty of this enchanting place.

Marotta is the ideal place for a relaxing beach holiday, full of events and entertainment, or to discover the most ancient and fascinating places of the Marche region, for winter and summer.

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