The sea all over the yearNew apartments just 30 meters from the sea

New apartments just 30 meters from the sea, opened in 2011 and constructed in compliance with earthquake standards.

For those who dream of a holiday home in Marotta, for those who look for relax but also lots of fun with friends or family ... a memorable holiday!

Apartments only 30m from the sea and very close to the most valuable areas of the Marche region, directly on the Adriatic coast.
Marotta is the ideal place for a relaxing beach holiday, full of events and entertainment, or to discover the most ancient and fascinating places of the Marche region. For a beach holiday which surprises from sunrise to sunset, in summer and winter, with lots of activities dedicated to families and younger, being very close to the "wild" places of the Romagna region as Rimini and Riccione and from their discos, or from the most "bizarre" places as the nearby Senigallia. 

History and culture

Because of its strategic position, Marotta is the perfect getaway to enjoy all the typical products of the Marche region ... a true gastronomic holiday! 
Enjoy the freshest fish of the Adriatic, accompanied by the most renowned wines, such as the Bianchello Metauro, the Bianco Colli Pesaresi, or the Pecorino Offida both wines with name origin or the Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi, awarded as the best white wine in the world or the Lacrima di Morro D'Alba and the Rosso Piceno. A holiday in Marotta to discover the most delicious dishes, seasoned by a precious oil, such as the PDO Cartoceto, and many cheeses, such as the Casciotta of Urbino and the Fossa cheese ... and yet so many sausages as the famous ciauscolo, the spreadable salami, the coppa, the fennel, the PDO Carpegna ham. 
The Marche region is also rich in underground delicacies only here you can taste the finest truffles all year round, the white and black ones in the popular town of Acqualagna, where every year during the months of October / November the important " truffle Fair " is kept. Certainly you will not resist and you have to try the tagliatelle with truffles!

Marotta is the ideal place for a relaxing beach holiday, full of events and entertainment, or to discover the most ancient and fascinating places of the Marche region, for winter and summer.

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